Welcome to Shumatsucon 2017

This notation contains top secret information regarding events taking place at Shumatsucon, Animation and Gaming Convention.. Such as paneling for all ages, a huge arcade with tournaments daily, vendors hall with an undisclosed amount of anime "swag", cosplay competition, rock concerts and electronic dance events, and some incredible guests.
... But you didn't hear it from us.

Join us in April for your mission to have a great weekend with good people and fun times.
Ya know, should you accept it, or whatever the spy cliche is.

The Sheraton Hotel

Downtown Columbus, OH

April 14th-16th

Be there or be square!

$35 Full Weekend

Until April 13th!

The 2017 Schedule is HERE!

In an effort to keep the weekend funky fresh, and fun as hell, we've lined up a few awesome events, panels, and kickin' concerts just for you! Click the link below to see our full schedule.

Why You Should Go

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